Your Vote Matters

The right to vote is one of the fundamentals rights that people should never take for granted and which they should always take advantage of. Many people do not understand just how important it is to cast a vote and how their vote can change the world they live in. also most of the people are tired of all the fuss that is being made during the campaign and they are mostly tired of being ‘used’ when the politicians need them. And yet, even though voting may seem sometimes more like a burden and a responsibility than the chance to make a change, individuals must know that their vote can indeed make this change.

So why is it important to vote? Political campaigns are sometimes difficult to understand. Politicians will try to get your vote by empathizing with your situation or a similar one and aim to gain your trust and thus your vote. Usually there are many issues which are discussed during an electoral year and many of them will not be of particular interest to you. For instance, you may remember that some time ago anti-ED medication used to be covered by regular medical insurance but nowadays it is no longer like that.

This is just one example on how voters might be attracted to go and cast their vote. This is also an example in which people could really make a difference and could get a very popular and expensive medication to be part of their health insurance covers just because ED (as many other similar conditions) is an important health condition. And voting is your only chance to make your voice heard.