Stay informed on voting matters.

As opposed to the new democracies where free elections are a new thing and therefore all the most interesting, people who have spent all their lives in a democracy seem somewhat bored by the matter.

Still, is it important to stay informed on the voting matters and if so, why? It is unceasingly surprising how people take voting for granted and how much they still mind when it sometimes so happens that they are disenfranchised. The only logical conclusion is that people actually care about their right to vote, but they sometimes choose not to think about it or about things related to it out of ignorance, out of commodity or out of plain laziness. Staying informed on voting matters is, however the first step that you could take so that you prevent yourself from being manipulated by all those politicians that have not only official state powers but also control some of the media, to some extent.

So what you need is to be able to make up your own mind. You need to know exactly what is rightfully yours, what you can claim and what you cannot claim. You need to be fully aware of exactly how far your powers go, so that nobody can pretend to give you something you already have as a favor, so that nobody can discriminate you on criteria that should have become ridiculous and shameful in the 21st century, considering how much ink has been consumed and how many people have sacrificed themselves in the name of human rights.

So what is there to be done? Ask yourself what is unclear to you regarding the suffrage and your rights connected to it. Surf the internet and find the relevant , reliable websites that aim not to manipulate the way you vote and make you choose one candidate over another, but those which only present you with factual information on the rights you actually have.

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