Have you ever thought about the impact a campaign can have on the way the state perceives the rights of voters? Because people are not well informed about their right to vote and about other rights they have in connection to this one, many of them think that they cannot vote when they actually can. The ardent issue of disenfranchisement has inflamed the spirits of voters in many states. As the legislation concerning this matter varies from state to state, the most important thing to start with is to be informed on what the law actually provides n the state one lives in.

Many non-profit organizations that have nothing to do with the state have been investing a lot of time and effort, not to mention money in campaigns meant to awaken those in power and show them how keeping their voters in the dark doesn’t help anybody, on the contrary. It should be very clear in which cases people can be deprived of their right to vote and the majority of those asked in surveys have replied that given the big differences between state legislations, the way in which things are decided upon , concerning disenfranchising seems to be a little arbitrary.

Respecting the rights of voters, be they on the mainland or overseas, should be a priority for the state officials since only through these votes are they able to stay in office and fight for the causes they took upon themselves during their campaigns. Voters who know what they are doing are more likely to vote than to remain passive, the percentage of active voters could increase, emotional manipulation could become history as far as electoral campaigns are concerned and things could go much , much smoother, while the officials who have been elected could represent a larger percentage of the populations, which is after all the whole purpose for having a democracy.

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