What You can do to Defend The Right To Vote

While many of us are unfortunately taking the right to vote for granted and never even bother to exercise it, in some parts of the world there is people who can not exercise it. So what is to be done? Individual efforts often seem like drops of water into the ocean but in most cases combined efforts have proven to be very efficient. Instead of being frustrated by the strange feeling that we are struggling alone we should be confident that each of our action counts.

The first step is to get informed on our individual rights as voters. That excludes ear say and rumors. Each and every one of us should start surfing the internet to get to those reliable, official websites where valid information is provided to all those who wish to know their rights.

The second step is educating our children in the spirit that they matter and their vote matters as well. They should know that the 15 Amendment is not just words printed on a piece of paper and that discrimination is always unacceptable, including in those cases when it has to do with expressing the right to vote. Women should always make up their own minds about who they want to vote for, just like men. Also, people should become able to go past the campaign slogans in their understanding and to be able to think by themselves. Ignorance only makes people easier to manipulate.

There are several nonprofit organizations which make sustained efforts to promote all these ideals and values not only on the American continent and in Europe but in many other parts of the world. They need volunteers and they need support in many forms, not just financial support. Lobbying is often more important than other ways of campaigning for the right to vote. Access to certain political circles often requires a great deal of diplomacy and various other skills. So if you want to make a difference, you could join one of these organizations and help them in any way that you can. Your personal skills may prove to be invaluable.

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